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Tundish Car

Tundish Car is used for Travel of Tundish on Floor comprising of Rear Side Girder, Front Side Girder, Top Girder, Frame Detail (Non Driven Side), Frame Detail (Driven Side), Tundish Supporting & Grooved Wheel Assembly, Grooved Driven Wheel Assembly, Plain Wheel Assembly, Plain Driven Wheel Assembly, Chain Tensioner Assembly (Grooved Wheel Side), Brake, Lifting Frame, Shafts, Sprockets, Self-Disconnection Hand Drive. Chain Tensioner Assembly (Plain Wheel Side), Gearbox & Plummer Block, Plummer Block with Bearing & Locking Ring, Hardware with Gearbox & Motor, Shim Plate for Motor, Stopper, Heat Protection Plate, Chain Guard, Simplex Roller Chain, & Duplex Roller Chain.